Author Topic: CIS its vulnerable to process termination at this exact moment?  (Read 6175 times)

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Hi, sorry for my english

This is of course all in CIS sandbox, limited security level, cant put it more higher or I lose internet for application. :'(

1) Application with virus was capable of put bugs in another clean application, so it would behave unproperly.

I was able to fix this with CIS HIPS Defense+.  Hurray!!!

2) Application with virus, dont like what I did with the first step  ;D, so virus decide to disconnect my vpn secure high encrypted connection. I was able to fix this with CIS CIS HIPS Defense+.  Hurray!!!

3) Application with virus, really get mad with me, for doing that on step 2, lol hahaha. Now she or he (virus) sais, dude now is fuc*ing personal. You want war? you will get war. lol hahahaha ;D

Application with virus decide to terminate the program and get close and get disconnected from internet. And basically get close.

Now I need the application with virus been open all the time that I am using it. And not be closed. Unless I manually do it.

So Is this a leak or a vulnerability that has CIS right now?, or I am doing something wrong on step 3?.

To tell you the true I am impressed by comodo software I never thought CIS could beat and win in step 2, and it did it. So this gives me hopes for step 3.

Any ideas, suggestions, tutorial links, are welcome  ;)

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Re: CIS its vulnerable to process termination at this exact moment?
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