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Author Topic: Geekbuddy Opinions, Complains and Congrats  (Read 56 times)

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Geekbuddy Opinions, Complains and Congrats
« on: April 13, 2015, 03:29:15 AM »
Hi i want to make this pool because i have a relationship of love and hate whith comodo and geekbuddy. When comodo starts and cames i test the first versions. Free tech support, very kind. A firewall whitout precedents. Very good perfomance. Superior detection and prevention features. Something i never seen. But when i have the chance to test geekbuddy by myself in two years i have the same problems. In CIS PRO versiĆ³n 6 . The product turns heavy, slowdown pc. The costumer atention was dicresed in quality level. Some buddies dont hear or read my issues, only want to take control of my pc, delete system files, delete temps, doing things what i can do by myself and what i do before call them. They dont clarify if somethings are viruses or not, they dont offer me options to configure my product, they tell me wait and wait and wait. I read one guy here was a terible expericence whith a buddy who sneak in his Skype messenges. He turns off his pc. I do it too many times for similar circunstances. I know some buddy staff are here, and the CEO are here. I want they take a look in this pool.

The buddies have credentials? What credentials? Some procedures are similar to geekboys on my Street.

Have complains departament? Where i can report bad behavior?

Dont missunderstand me I love comodo for that first experience, and really recomend it to all my Friends and familiars. I want to contribute whith some palpable. I want to buy a suscription again to contribute whith my paid to product development but i want good service.

Really i am confused now about buddies and about comodo paid options in terms of quality.

I ask to paid suscriptors, CEO and Staff to bring me their exeriences to decide me and convince me again to return my faith in buddies. Maybe that appears to be a personal thing but the users like me are persons

I hope you understand


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