Author Topic: Issues with account since ordering Trustconnect, wish to cancel immediatly.  (Read 3544 times)

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Full name: available if requested

Account: Strategic

Order Comfirmation Number: Available if requested.

License Key: available if requested

E-Mail: available if requested

Subscription ID: Not received

Product: Trustconnect 7 day free-trial.

I expect the order to be canceled before the 7 day free trial, thanks for the help.

Reason for cancelation: Trust issues with the Comodo Company, very phisy activity with my account after ordering product, don't feel
comfortable ordering any comodo products anytime soon (which is a tragedy since I was about to order comodo internet security complete)

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Hi TechnoFerret,

Please follow the requested procedure for cancellation.

If you would like to cancel the TrustConnect Trial license then please send your request to trustconnectcancel[at]
Please remember to include your: login, email, order number and a brief reason for cancellation.
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