Author Topic: .exe files from other browsers are not executable when I have both CIS and CD  (Read 7269 times)

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FYI, I am using XP service pack 3. chrome.exe (mini installer) is installed under application data directory as default place.  I am also using CD and chromium as my browsers.
I dont know why I have do this way to make chromium fully functional. If I do not do this chrome.exe is always listed and all the .exe files downloaded from chromium is not installable. It always stays as interrupted after download.

I'm also using Win XP SP3, and didn't experience this problem.

As I said previously, it doesn't matter if an application is listed in the submitted files window of the unrecognized files list. All this means is that it was submitted to the cloud. Since it was no longer on the unrecognized list, this means the cloud verdict was that the file was safe. Safe files are automatically moved to the trusted files list.


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