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Comodo Internet Security won't update its virus definitions.

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I'm having trouble. I believe it may the server hosting the update that is down or something. I try manually to update with the "update definitions tab" to update it but it gives me a following error "Failed to update virus signature database. Please check you internet connection and try again later." I ran the Diagnostics tool as well to see if something was wrong with the program was wrong with itself but I get nothing. Im using Windows Vista by the way.

Rev. Ken:
    I am new to Comodo products, as I defected from Windows XP Pro to Mac in 2002. I have returned to Windows Vista (Love it) and have used Vista Firewall/Defender with Comodo CIS 3.5 since it was Beta. This latest update (432) has a serious updating problem as you have discovered. It is their glitch......not a Windows issue. I am a Geek from the early 80s, and I have checked everything on my is the new CIS update.

    I have tried using older versions (424 & 427) but it seems once 432 is on your system going back will eventually lead to similar issues. So i have reinstalled several times...and am about to install another AV prog until issue resolved in next update.

   Keep the Faith....Comodo will fix it.

    Rev. +Ken
   Ps.  (CLY) and so does the man up stairs.

There is thread about it here: . There you may find tips to try to get it fixed.

Hi xavierp94 and Rev. Ken,
This issue is know by the developers and they are looking at it. The issue didn't exist in version .424 and .427, but started showing up intermittently in version .432 and also now in .437. I have two Vista Ultimate computers configured exactly alike and only one of them is affected by this issue. There is a workaround for this, however it doesn't seem to work for everyone.

Go to Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services and scroll down to Comodo Internet Security Helper Service. Right click on this service and go down to the Properties and left-click it. This will bring up a window with 4 tabs. Go to the Log On tab and search for your login account. The procedure that you have to follow to successfully change from Local System Account to This Account is not necessarily self-intuitive, if you have never done it before.

You may know exactly what you are doing, but I found that this process was not exactly straight-forward when I did it. I don't mean to waste your time, but the step-by-step procedure is listed below.

After hitting the 'Browse' button, a 'Select User' box opens up. In the window under 'Enter the object name to select (examples)', enter your login name exactly as it appears on the login screen at bootup. Then click the 'Check Names' button. Now "computer name\login name" should appear in that same window. Click the 'OK' button near the bottom. That should bring you back to the Log On tab, with the radio button to the left of 'This Account' filled in, and in the window to the right of that should be ".\your login name". Click 'Apply' and a popup opens to alert you to enter your password if you use a password for your Windows logon. Then you have to enter your login password again to confirm. After doing all this, you have to reboot the computer for the account change to take effect. Now CIS version .432 or .437 should allow you to manually update the virus definitions.

There is an entire thread about this problem on Anti Virus Bugs\Can't update virus database CIS 3.5.55810.432 [Merged Threads].

I am having the same problem with 432. Mine is on a new Clean installed Vista/64. If a fix is not found soon I will have to unistall CIS, reinstall the firewall onlly and install another antivirus. As of right now I am unprotected (somewhat)...a situation that can't go on forever as I log on to multiple WiFi locations, this leaves me vunerable. I have tried the fix but it is not working for me.
Hope you boys can fix this soon


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